About DEAD Original

Hello world, I hate writing these sorta things, but I get it people like to know the personal side behind independent brands

Spent the first 26 years of my life in Cornwall, where I spent most of the adolescence skateboarding, I was never really ever that good at it, but that’s not the point, I worked for Volcom for several years in different capacities, I was a brilliant job to have, surrounded by surf/skate/snow culture, I learnt alot from my time there as well of meeting some pretty amazing artists and skaters, before moving to Bristol after meeting my now wife and starting a family.

After the move I was working for Osiris & C1RCA for a few years, this is where I started the brand, we’ll thought of the name at least.

My first brand was Thirteenth, which was an apparel focused that I thought was a good idea to screen print all the stuff myself in a one bed flat, let me tell you it wasn’t, it was DIY at it finest.

DEAD Original started off doing parody pins mainly back in 2015, but after seeing a massive drop off in interest and COVID hitting the world and sending production / shipping fees sky high, I pivoted me into a whole new world of printed toys and customs after getting a 3D printer for my Birthday one year

Since then I’ve created a whole bunch of things, with even more to come!